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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final Coming of Age response

I just finished reading the Giver by Lois Lowry and i understand the book even more now.  After reading this book in elementary school, I was always slow to understand it.  But now growing as a young/adult/13 yr old I understand the "Coming of Age" in this book.  The main character to me in this book really has to grow up... I will talk more about this down below.

Jonas in this book represents the word mature because of some of the decisions he makes and the things he has to do.  Jonas deals with this very awkward and weird community but he see's the wrong in it and to me that is why he is so mature in this book, that is one very important observation I notice about him.  For Jonas to be 12 is amazing and being assigned one of the very huge important roles in his community is crazy.  By learning from the previous giver he notices and see's the wrong.  Jonas is very patient and curious at the same time.  What I mean by this is that he  notices something but doesn't jump right at he waits but when he finds out about it he is very curious.  I guess 12 yr olds are like that (laughs).  Example when Jonas had memory about the killing of animals he was very curious to know more but patient with it.  Then he started to learn.  Jonas life as a 12yr old must be hard living like this, cannot relate at all maybe a little.

I think that community in this book are like the community in the movie surrogates that I just watched.  In the movie people all have a surrogate that pretty much does the same thing and in this community it seems the same way.  I notice also that when you get picked for your role by the community you just stay that role forever  and ever i guess till you die.  The other puzzling thing is the elders like who are these guys just like the almighty GOD HANDS of the place who pick every thing.  This community is kinda like an Native American tribe too.  Because both are assigned jobs and both have elders or whatever and both are just awkward.  Jonas is like the only normal one there who is like "hello guys were like the elders little puppies can't you see."

I cannot relate to this story much, but I can relate to how Jonas can feel sometimes.  Its like Jonas wants to know so much more buts its like a barrier resisting him to see more.  Jonas qualities are very special and unique he is brave, curious, strong and smart.  Things I wish I had.  Jonas childhood is just striped from him once he turns 12.  I think that Lois Lowry is trying to get something out too, she saying like once you turn 12 it all changes.  

In conclusion reading The Giver again was a great choice because I got to see hat I couldn't before. I'm not gonna give away anything but seeing how strong Jonas was a the end was amazing to break away from pack.  I really appreciated reading this book it always gives me a smile when I can say I rad that book.  I as well very much glad that I choose this book quote from Gabe "over To Kill A Mocking Bird."


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